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Wrist Wraps For Small Wrists: 5 Things To Know Before Buying

Wrist Wraps For Small Wrists: 5 Things To Know Before Buying

As someone with small wrists, you probably wonder which wrist wraps would provide the necessary support to say safe, press as much weight as possible, and keep nagging aches at bay.

Wearing the correct size wrist wraps is crucial for joint stability and safety at the gym. The ideal wrist wraps for people with small wrists (5.5” circumference and under) are 12 to 16” long, and 3” wide. Slightly longer wraps of 18” are also an excellent choice because they provide slightly more support.

There are a few more things to know when buying wrist wraps for small wrists, including the material and type of closure mechanism.   

Key Takeaways

  • The purpose of wrist wraps is to immobilize your wrists and prevent them from bending during pressing exercises like the bench and overhead press.

  • The correct size wraps should feel uncomfortable and make moving your wrists more than half an inch in either direction impossible. It’s best to loosen them up between sets to maintain a healthy blood supply to your hands.

  • You want to make sure your wrist wraps are composed of at least 30% elastic material, and have a thumbloop/velcro fastening system.   

    Why The Right Fit is Important For Wrist Wraps

    Why the right fit is important for wrist wraps

    Wearing the correct size wrist wraps is crucial for getting the joint support you need to stay safe during your training and lift as much weight as possible.

    Like any other fitness accessory, the right fit is crucial for reaping all the benefits. After all, you wouldn’t wear a lifting belt two sizes too big and expect it to support your midsection, so why would wrist wraps be any different?

    Wraps are meant to immobilize the wrists and prevent them from bending on heavy pressing movements, such as the bench press. A simple way to tell if wrist wraps are the wrong size is if they fail to provide the necessary support and your wrists continue to bend even with wraps.

    Further, wrist wraps aren’t designed to treat pain or manage injuries. If you are experiencing pain, wrist wraps can only mask the issue temporarily, allowing you to continue training.

    Although wrist wraps are made to help with stability and support, they should not be used as a crutch or as a brace to help with sprained or injured wrists. For example, strength wrist wraps are popular in CrossFit with moves like clean and jerk, but under heavy loads, the wrist can be stressed, causing hyperextension and injury.

    -Bekir Mustafić, Director of Ecommerce at Gymreapers

     The correct size wrist wraps should feel uncomfortable and provide decent wrist compression––to the point where they restrict blood flow to your hands to a degree. (As a side note, I recommend loosening wrist wraps between sets, especially when resting for 3+ minutes.)

    Another way to tell that wraps aren’t the correct size is if you have to loop them five or more times around your wrists. Doing so is generally not necessary, and you should be able to get maximum support from roughly three loops. 

    Wrist circumference, the type of training a person does, and their injury history (if any) are the primary factors that determine what size wrist wraps one would need. For instance, a powerlifter with big wrists might do well with 36-inch wrist wraps, whereas a woman with small wrists would benefit more from 12 or 16-inch wraps.

    How to Properly Measure Your Wrists for Wrist Wraps

    how to properly measure your wrists for wrist wraps

    Here are three simple steps to measure your wrist size for wraps:

    1. Get a tape measure.
    2. Loop the tape around your wrist (at the base of your hand).
    3. Record your measurement down to 0.1 of an inch or centimeter.

    The wrap should fit snugly around your wrist; make sure there is no gap between the tape and your wrist because that can lead to an incorrect reading. 

    Here are some wrist size guidelines:

    • Small wrists - 5.5” (13.9 cm) and under
    • Medium-sized wrists - 5.5” to 5.75” (14.6 cm)
    • Large wrists - 5.75” or more

    With your wrist size in mind, here are the recommended wrist wrap length options:

    • Small wrists - 12 to 16” (30.5 to 40.6 cm)
    • Medium-sized wrists - 18, 20, or 24” (45.7, 50.8, or 60.9 cm)
    • Large wrists - 36” (91.4 cm) 

    Of course, these recommendations aren’t set in stone. You can pick longer or shorter wrist wraps, depending on your needs. For instance, you might pick up a pair of 36” wraps even if your wrists are just over 5”. 

    However, it’s generally best to abide by the above rules, especially if you’re new to wraps and haven’t had any wrist injuries in the past.

    How to Choose Wrist Wraps For Small Wrists


    Wrist wraps made of cotton, polyester, and elastic are ideal for most people, including those with smaller wrists. 

    Specifically, you should look for wraps consisting of around 30 percent elastic material. Such wraps allow for a tight fit around your wrists, ensuring maximum security.


    Wrist wrap length is the second most important thing to consider. As discussed above, the ideal length for small wrists is typically 12 to 16”.

    Using 18” wraps (such as these by Gymreapers) can also work for people who prefer slightly more support. 


    Wrist wraps are generally around 3” in width, which is ideal, regardless of wrist size. That width allows for decent coverage from the base of the hand, allowing you to cover your entire wrist and keep it stable.

    Some manufacturers offer narrower wrist wraps, but I don’t see an advantage in using them. For example, inch-long wraps might feel more comfortable, but they would be too narrow and unable to cover the base of the hand and wrist.

    Our Wrist Wrap Recommendation

    wrist wraps by Gymreapers

    The 18” wrist wraps by Gymreapers
    are generally ideal for trainees with smaller wrists. Despite being slightly longer than the recommended 12 to 16”, these wrist wraps provide the necessary joint support without looping around your wrists five or more times. 

    In addition to their decent length, these wraps are three inches wide, which is enough to cover the base of the hand and wrist, promoting stability during heavy weight training.

    Our wraps consist of 70 percent polyester and 30 percent elastic, which allows you to tighten the wraps around your wrists as much as you need.

    Plus, our wrist wraps are USPA approved if you aspire to compete in powerlifting. On top of that, you get a lifetime replacement guarantee in case there’s an issue.


    18” (45.7 cm)


    3” (7.6 cm)


    3.84 oz (108 grams)


    30 percent elastic, 70 percent polyester


    USPA approved


    $19.99 for a pair


    Lifetime replacement guarantee


    Are wrist wraps good for small wrists?

    Wrist wraps are beneficial for everyone in need of wrist support. People with small wrists might need even more help to keep their joints healthy and pain-free throughout their lifting career.

    How do you judge your wrist size?

    Use a tape measure to determine your wrist size and consider the following guidelines:

    • Small wrists - 5.5” (13.9 cm) and under
    • Medium-sized wrists - 5.5” to 5.75” (14.6 cm)
    • Large wrists - 5.75” or more

    What do wrist wraps help with?

    The purpose of wraps is to immobilize your wrists and keep them in a healthy position during movements like the bench press, overhead press, and low bar squat. 

    Wraps prevent your wrists from bending, reducing the risk of excessive stress that could lead to chronic pain.

    What are the best wrist wraps for small wrists?

    Your injury history and training style will largely determine which wrist wraps are best. For example, a small female who needs just a bit of wrist support to bench press 90 lbs might only need 12” wraps.

    In contrast, stronger folks with small wrists might need 16” or 18” wraps to achieve the necessary joint stability for heavy pressing.


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